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How To IT will be your guide to everything IT. Wow that sounds like a lot of info, right? No, not yet at least. The HTI guide has just begin, and will take time to mature into a central source of IT knowledge. This guide will start out explaining very basic things and over time I hope to have more and more advanced topics.

To begin the first info you will learn is what does IT stand for? IT: Information Technology is the use of computers to store or retrieve data and information.

How does this site work? If you are reading a topic and want to learn more about the topic look for green words that are underlined. Green underlined words or phrases are links to other articles in the HTI database. Red links are topics on the list to be created but has no content on that topic page. If a topic is not listed on the article you are reading try the side bar on the left side of the screen (the side bar will not show on mobile). If the topic is not in the side bar you can try the search bar in the top right, or the sitemap link under the search bar. If you want to request topics please email with a subject line of “Topic Request”.

If you notice any information that is incorrect please send an email to: Please list the page with the incorrect information and a link or evidence of the correct evidence. If you notice any abuse of the site please email the same email with any information you have. As well as any security flaws. Thank you. This is a two man team with not a lot of free time, but with a desire to teach and learn.


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