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Why would you want an IT Certification?

Obtaining a valued career in information technology can be a difficult task in today's ever changing world. Employers didn't use to have a way to “prove” that a candidate could even potentially pull the weight they claim they could, other than ask some questions and hope they could trust their word. With IT, our world is far too broad and meticulous for word of mouth to be an acceptable option. Industry leading manufacturers and certifying authorities, created by real world IT professionals, knew this and have developed sophisticated testing methods. This helps to not only prove that an individual has an aptitude to understand the content, but also the care or willingness to spend both the time and money to get an industry certification. Many companies even promote this sort of continued education and will often pay for/reimburse the testing cost, and sometimes also increase your pay wage. Certifications are a way for a company to showcase what sort of talent they have within their ranks. On top of that, these certifications help to exercise your brain and you never know what knowledge you will obtain until you try it. Our industry will never sit still, so it is always beneficial to stay as up to date as possible.

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