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Computers need hardware to function. Specifically a computer NEEDS a CPU, RAM, Storage, an OS, a power supply, and a motherboard. Some optional hardware include display output, peripheral input/output port(s), wireless connectivity chip, fans, and heatsink.


  • CPU - Centural Processing Unit
  • RAM - Random Access Memory
  • OS - Operating System
  • Power Supply - a power source designed for that specific system
  • Motherboard - a way to connect different computer components together


  • Display Output Port - A port designed to output a display to a monitor or tv.
  • Peripheral Input/Output Port(s) - Ports used for external input and output to and from the computer.
  • Wireless Connectivity Chips - Used for wireless connection.
  • Fans - Used to cool the computer
  • Heatsinks - lay onto of CPU and other chips that produce enough heat to need assistance in dissipating heat faster than heat is produced.
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